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NTN – 600 Hull Rigging – Part XVII

Today, I worked on the alignment of the stinger drive. Yes, the transom is warped. It’s not square to the water line. As it goes from the keel towards the transom extension above it, it gets deeper towards the bow. So, I decided to raise the sunken part with some epoxy.

First, I sanded off the paint and the gel coat  using my Dremel 4000.

Stinger Area Sanded

The area for the stinger was sanded down to the epoxy fiber layer. White layer is gel coat. Yes, I messed up the paint all over the transom 🙁

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NTN – 600 Hull Rigging – Part XVI

Monday night, I marked the location of the motor mount in the hull (but didn’t dare to mount it using only a headlamp – the shop was dark last night thanks to a power outage), and made a battery holder from 4 mm plywood (my all-time material, after duct tape) and coated it with epoxy. The battery I got in stock already has a strip of Velcro on it from a past project. So I epoxied its counterpart on the battery sized plywood sheet, then stabilized it behind the motor and towards the bow, with little epoxy. COG is now almost at where it should be. It can be seen in some of the pictures below. I got two tubes of 5-minute epoxy on Tuesday. I was all out after Monday. The actual industrial grade epoxy + hardener I got in big plastic jars is too slow and messy for this job. I put more epoxy  on the edges of the bed the same night.

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NTN – 600 Hull Rigging – Part XV

This last weekend, I finally finished the motor mount, and installed the grease tube in the hull. I also tested the new receiver with the servo, ESC, and the motor. All is well 🙂

Since I messed up the front plates for the motor while I was drilling some useless, extra holes, I made a new one. They look and function better. The old ones were too ugly and worn out anyway.

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NTN – 600 Hull Rigging – Part XIV

Well, Friday, the gasket came out ok, but when I grabbed and pulled on the edges, they came off easily. So I pulled off and scratched the whole thing, and saved this part for later. I know it works, I will just have to sand that area harder next time for better adherence.

Saturday and Sunday, I worked on the motor mount. I decided to make something similar to this one here, so I got some aluminum sheets, liquid bolt lock, and many Allen head M2, M3, and M4 bolts from the hardware bazaar in Karaköy.

I designed the part in SketchUp as always. The final form probably will not look like this.

Motor Mount SU

Motor plate drawn in SketchUp. The center hole I drilled was actually 5 mm, with a 1 mm countersink. Side bracket holes also changed.

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NTN – 600 Hull Rigging – Part XIII

Last night, I worked on the gasket for the hatch. As always, I used masking tape to cover the areas to be protected from that red demonic paste (can withstand temperatures from -60 ° C to 300 ° C). I decided to apply the gasket to the inner edge of the groove around the hatch. The hatch cover’s outer edge (along with the sides, but that would probably  make it hard to fit the cover there later) is the only part that is in contact with the groove.

Tapes Gasket Start

I limited the area for liquid gasket using masking tape.

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NTN – 600 Hull Rigging – Part XII

I have been a bit sick lately (runny nose), so I didn’t do much yesterday in the workshop. I stabilized the ESC right across from the rudder servo, using Velcros. Since the ESC has a large flat base, there was really no need for a bracket. The special RC Velcros I got from HK are really strong.

ESC Velcro

These self adhesive Velcros from HK are very strong and waterproof.

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Specialization is for Insects

specThe Picture is from R.A. Wilson’s (RIP) Prometheus Rising, if I recall correctly. And the words are from R.A. (what a coincidence!) Heinlein’s (RIP) Time Enough for Love. I haven’t read that one (and I should). Just Stranger in a Strange Land…

This is actually true for the ones with hive minds (swarm intelligence), such as the ants or the bees. These creatures die, when they are away from their fellows. And this is why people, who don’t crave to improve themselves, are doomed to be dependent on others (in a world where you can trust nobody!). Self sufficiency is imminent.

The whole paragraph is as follows:

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”

NTN – 600 Hull Rigging – Part XI

Yesterday, I didn’t do much, other than peeling the masking tape and pieces of paper off of the stern, and appreciating the parts I finally received. The paint job looks ok, but it needs some sanding and polishing on the sides, where the masking tapes were. Here’s a picture of the stern, along with the hatch cover with its tabs.

Cover Tabs Paint

Hatch cover tabs added and epoxied for a better hold. Paint on the stern is now dry and needs polishing.

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