Monthly Archives: July 2015


Last week, I returned from a 12 day survey, which was at Black Sea. And I’ve also been working on a board for work recently.  Since we have a 50Mhz 2-channel oscilloscope with 16-channel logic analyzer on the boat, it was pretty fun to work on the board there.


On the boat. Running Python test code on PyCharm, as the scope shows me the zeros and ones.

But eventually I came back home, and all I have is a 25Mhz 2-channel oscilloscope and a USBee AX Pro clone logic analyzer from China. The LA works good with the original software, but it’s Windoze only, and it’s not very stable. So I found Pulseview.

I’m not going to show you how to install it on your box, since you can find the instructions for every OS here. All I needed was libsigrok, libsigrokdecode, and pulseview, so I installed them from the git repos. It’s an awesome program, but I wish it would let me save screenshots of the visuals (scrot is good enough for now), and also let me save the setup for later use (there’s a save session option and it works without loading the decoders, yet I can’t reaccess the device after opening the saved session). It sucks to setup and rename every channel, and decoder every time. Anyway, here are two screenshots.


57600 bps UART


1.7MHz I2C