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Press-n-Peel Blue Transfer Film and a Laminator

If you have been using a clothes iron for transferring your Press-n-Peel Blue (or any photo paper, etc.) like I have, throw it away (or give it back to your wife / mom), and get a laminator. All my life was a lie! I never managed to get such perfect transfers with a clothes iron, this is a miracle! I didn’t need to hack the laminator for more heat or more space for the board. The 1.6mm copper clad went through the rollers just fine. I fed it about 10 times (just to make sure) to the machine from different sides and edges,  while it was at its hottest setting.


I got this laminator for about $30. Well worth it!

Close Up

No retouch necessary this time 🙂

I have neglected this blog for a long time. Been dealing with multiple projects, and a divorce. Now I feel reborn. More to come soon…