About me and this site

I’m a middle-aged Turkish man who lives in Moda / Istanbul. I work for the environment in a governmental organization (measuring equipment, research vessel electronics and computers,  etc.). I hold a degree in CIS, yet I’m more into digital electronics and embedded systems. I had my first computer when I was 8 (a C= 64), and started playing around with electronics when I was about 12.

My interests are computers (hardware & software), electronics, robotics, embedded systems, Linux, RC boats, workshop stuff, hardware hacking, spirituality, shamanism, martial arts, anthropology, philosophy, FOSS and open source hardware, improvised weapons, air-guns, PC games (Glorious PC Gaming Master Race), nature, animals, survival, sci-fi, cyberpunk, horror literature (Lovecraft included) and movies, etc.

This site will contain all my present and future projects, along with my weird ideas and ramblings.

On the other hand, I dream about leaving all this behind, and building a hut out in the nature everyday…

My videos

My music from years ago

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TS Work Boat

Auto picture as I am working on the boat.

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