Hydra V3.0

Gardener is a one card electronic plant watering system. It waters your plant everyday for 3 seconds (60ml of water), but you can adjust all the timing according to your needs. The card is based on a 16F84A MCU. It has 2 LEDs along with a 7-segment led display for the visuals, and a TIP122 Darlington transistor for switching the pump motor on and off. The pump is a windshield washer pump, and the problem with such pumps is that you have to place the water tank above the pump (which means that the output pipe should also be placed above the water level of the tank so the water won't drain out by itself). The water tank is a beverage bottle with its bottom cut off (easier to add water), the sprinkler is an aluminum pipe which I bent like a circle, and then drilled a couple of 2mm holes in it. Power is supplied by a 12V / 2.2Ah lead-acid battery. What holds the bottle is a gripper connected to some special purpose hose (I don't know what they're callled), same hose is used to hold the sprinkler system. The base is just a wooden board.

The System


All the parts can be seen on the schematic, and I think the connections are pretty obvious on the PCB. If you got any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. The PCB's were made using Press'n'Peel sheets (and I pray for them everytime I make a PCB), that's why the PSD files are created like a postcard. You can fold them in half, tape the sides, and then put the copper board in between (otherwise aligning the holes is a pain in the ass) before you iron them on. The green LED flashes for a second every minute to show that the card (and the timing ISR) is working properly. The code as it is does not use the 7-segment display to save power, but you can use it to count the days if you're using a power adapter.

You can find screenshots of the schematic and PCB files below:

Board Schematic
Board PCB

Here are some other pictures of the Gardener:

Proteus Simulation
Card Detail

You can find the Hitech PICC project here, and the PCB's in PSD format (print at 100%) here. Not many people use Altium Protel DXP, but I'm still putting the .sch, and the .pcb files here, along with the Proteus files. The code is self explanatory, and I tried to comment as much as possible. I use the delay libraries from www.microchipc.com, you can use the original ones if you want.