Hydra V3.0

Hydra is actually the grandchild of E-Bliss. After getting the hardware (tracks, plastic chasis, gear box, etc.), I decided to upgrade E-Bliss to something more interesting. Hydra is a telepresence AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) with a 16F628A based mainboard, and a L298D based motor control board. Mainboard receives data from the 2 whiskers in the front and the SRF-05 Ultrasonic Rangefinder sweeping the area on a servo for navigation. Headlights (2x2 bright LEDs) are activated in the dark thanks to an LDR and an LM324 comparator (I think I could use the one on the microcontroller, but I needed the I/O's) IC. The wireless camera (a PAL Video Cam, not a Web Cam) sends video to the receiver connected to the PC's TV card video input. Mainboard also provides power (5V, 12V, 9V) for the motor control board and the camera. The laser pointer on the SRF05 is for show purposes only. The base is clear fiberglass, the tracks and the gearbox are Tamiya. The black box at the back is a 12V / 0.8Ah lead-acid battery (and it lasts 2-3 hours). The SRF05 on the servo constantly measures the frontal distance and if it's less than 20cms it scans the area from left to right to measure the area (20 points), compares these distances, then turns to wherever appropriate (to furthest obstacle). If the obstacle is closer than 10cms, Hydra moves back first, then turns around to avoid that obstacle.

Top Detail View


All the parts can be seen on the schematic, and I think the connections are pretty obvious on the PCB. If you got any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. The PCB's were made using Press'n'Peel sheets (and I pray for them everytime I make a PCB), that's why the PSD files are created like a postcard. You can fold them in half, tape the sides, and then put the copper board in between (otherwise aligning the holes is a pain in the ass) before you iron them on.

You can find screenshots of the schematic and PCB files below:

Mainboard Schematic
Mainboard PCB
Motorboard Schematic
Motorboard PCB

Here are some other pictures of Hydra, including older verisons:

Hydra Left
Hydra Front
Hydra Right

Hydra V1.0
Hydra V2.0
Hydra V2.5

Hydra V2.0 and I

There are 3 videos of Hydra on Youtube (V1.0, V2.0, V3.0).You can find the Hitech PICC project here, and the PCB's in PSD format (print at 100%) here. Not many people use Altium Protel DXP, but I'm still putting the .sch, and the .pcb files here. The code is self explanatory, and I tried to comment as much as possible. I use the delay libraries from www.microchipc.com, you can use the original ones if you want.